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Coordinated Initialization of the Load Distribution Equivalent, Load Characteristic, and Load Distributed Generation Models

Generator modeling in transient stability simulation software has been modularized for decades. Generators are modeled using a Machine Model, Exciter, Governor, Stabilizer, etc.  Several new modules for generators have been added in the past few years specifically for wind turbine and renewable energy modeling. Load models however had remained stuck with only 2 models: a load […]

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January 8, 2016

Updated and Validated Power Flow Model of the Main Continental European Transmission Network

View Paper Authors Abstract The advent of liberalisation of the electricity market in Europe has seen the growth of cross-border trading of energy. Zhou & Bialek published in 2005 a paper outlining an approximate model which simulated the real network and could be used to analyse the effects of cross-border trades in a test environment. This paper presents an […]


April 9, 2013

Creating and Modifying System Diagrams

Simulator provides a number of tools to aid you in creating and modifying system diagrams rapidly and efficiently: You can specify default drawing values for display objects based on object type and nominal kV.  These values can also be saved to or loaded from auxiliary files providing continuity when creating multiple diagrams. Insert palettes for […]

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October 4, 2011

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