Real-time Operations

PowerWorld Corporation has been working hard on applications to visualize real-time conditions in the control room and remotely and also to integrate the often disjointed worlds of real-time operations and planning. PowerWorld customers include many leading Independent System Operators (ISO) and utilities of all sizes.

Video Demos

PowerWorld Software and Services

Retriever: Visualize real-time or historic system data from SCADA, EMS, or state-estimator.

Topology Processing: Bridge your EMS and planning models. Our topology processing tools manage the transition between node-breaker and bus-branch system representations.

Image Exporter: Automatically publish Retriever graphics to a corporate network or internet.


Topology Processing and Real-Time Applications
Santiago Grijalva, 2007 PowerWorld Client Conference.

Real-Time Topology Processing, Visualization, and Simulation
Xiachuan Luo, Yujie Hu, ISO New England, 2006 PowerWorld Client Conference.

Real-Time Models
James Weber, 2006 PowerWorld Client Conference.

Wide-Area System Monitoring
James (Ritchie) Carroll, TVA, 2006 PowerWorld Client Conference.

Technical Papers and Published Research

R. Klump, D. Schooley, T. Overbye, “An Advanced Visualization Platform for Real-Time Simulations.” 14th Power System Computation Conference (PSCC), Sevilla, Spain, June 2002.