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Example SimAuto Files

Right-click on the file links below and select “Save target as…” to save them to your computer.

SimAuto version 12 (and later)

Microsoft® Visual Basic for Applications Examples

Running from Microsoft® Excel:
Running from Microsoft® Access:

  • ATC Calculator (includes database, cases, and support files)
  • Multi-period Market Simulation (includes database, cases, and support files; unzip files into directory “C:\SimAutoOPF” and open “OPFAutomationForms.mdb”; click here for accompanying training topic)

SimAuto version 10 (and later)

Microsoft® Visual Basic for Applications Example, Running from Microsoft® Excel: SimAutoExampleVB01.xls

Note: You may need to change directory path and/or file name inside application form to point to the proper file and location on your system.

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July 31, 2012