Changing the License Key

Sometimes it is necessary to update the license file to unlock PowerWorld software. Beginning with Simulator and Retriever 14, the optional software add-ons are enabled by the license file. Customers who acquire new add-ons after the original software purchase will need to obtain new license files to “unlock” the new add-ons. New license files may be downloaded from our website, or requested by contacting us.

To change the license file used by the software:

  1. Choose the “Window” ribbon
  2. Click the “About…” button in the Help Section
  3. Click the “Change License Key” button
  4. Obtain the Machine ID shown in the pop up dialog. If you are downloading a License file, enter it where the “Machine/Lock Code” is requested. Otherwise, click the “Email PowerWorld” button to start an email message for requesting a license file.
  5. Save the new license file (either downloaded or emailed from us) to your computer or network.
  6. Click the “Browse…” button in the pop up dialog in Simulator/Retriever and locate the new file.
  7. Click “Open”.
  8. Click “Unlock Simulator”.
  9. Click “OK”.