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Voltage Setpoint Tolerance

This article discusses a new feature that will be available in PowerWorld Simulator 21 when it released in 2019.  If you are a customer of PowerWorld Simulator who is interested in testing the feature before Simulator 21 is released, please contact PowerWorld Corporation at

PowerWorld Simulator 21 will have a new field associated with a generator called the “VoltSetTol” which represents the tolerance on the voltage setpoint.  This will modify the behavior of how the voltage control is performed so that the reactive power output of generators and the regulated bus voltages follows the relationship shown in the red curves in the image below instead of strictly Vregulated = Vset.

A presentation was first made at the NERC MVWG Power Plant Modeling and Validation Task Force (PPMVTF) on January 30, 2019 at FRCC offices in Tampa, Florida.  This presentation is available at the next link: Voltage Tolerance Presentation.

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January 30, 2019