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Remedial Action Scheme (RAS) Modeling in Contingency Analysis

A PDF White Paper on RAS Model can be found at this link: RAS_Modeling_PowerWorld

Sample PowerWorld Cases and Auxiliary Files that demonstrate the RAS Modeling described in the White Paper can be found in the ZIP file at this Link.

PowerWorld is often asked  questions about how to model automated and conditional actions that occur when performing steady-state contingency analysis is PowerWorld Simulator.  This type of control action goes by many names including the following.

  • Remedial Action Schemes (RAS) or
  • Special Protection Schemes (SPS)
  • Operating Procedures

PowerWorld Simulator offers a great amount of flexibility to model these control features of the power system.  The  RAS_Modeling_PowerWorld.pdf document linked above was created in response to a request from the WECC Modeling SPS and Relays Ad-Hoc Task Force (MSRATF) in May 2013 to demonstrate on a concrete example the implementation of this type of modeling in PowerWorld Simulator’s power flow-based contingency analysis processor.  This document will serve as a good overview of this type of modeling for everyone.

Section 2 of this document presents the test case which James O’Brien of BPA has put together to serve as the concrete example.

Section 3 covers various structures in PowerWorld Simulator that are used to define a RAS.  This the following topics

  • Injection Groups
  • Advanced Filters
  • Model Conditions
  • Model Filters
  • Conditional Contingency Actions
  • Global Contingency Actions.

Section 4 shows how these features are applied to the test example from Section 2.

Section 5 shows the Test Results.

Section 6 contains pages of sample auxiliary files which define both the basic list of contingencies and separately the list of RAS.  We also include a list of object labels to demonstrate a naming convention independent of bus numbers or names.

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May 10, 2013