Solutions for Faculty

Solutions for Faculty

If you would like to use Simulator for teaching there are three available options:

(1) Download the free 13-bus version linked here and distribute it to students as needed.

(2) Direct students to purchase the Glover/Overbye/Sarma Power Systems Analysis and Design textbook (ISBN-13: 978-1-305-63213-4) Download the software from the link provided in the book, which provides a 40 bus version.

(3) Email for information on academic pricing for universities.

PowerWorld Simulator is ideally suited for teaching power systems operations and analysis and for performing research. In fact, the original version of the Simulator software was built as a tool for teaching power systems and presenting power systems analysis results to technical and non-technical audiences alike. Since that time, Simulator has evolved into the highly powerful power systems analysis and visualization platform that it is today.

Simulator has been, and continues to be, used effectively in undergraduate and graduate level classes in power systems operation, control, and analysis. Concepts are presented simply, yet the software has sufficient detail to challenge advanced engineering students. Simulator features especially well suited to teaching power systems concepts include:

  • Access to the power flow Jacobian and bus admittance matrix data
  • Full AC and/or DC solutions
  • Step through the solution process one iteration at a time
  • PTDF, GSF, TLR, LODF, flow, voltage, and loss sensitivities
  • Balanced and unbalanced fault analysis
  • Automatic equivalent system creation
  • Optimization and Security routines
  • Difference flows tool (allows you to set a reference case for comparison studies)
  • Time Step Simulation allows you to simulate the evolution of a system over time
  • and many others…