Transient Stability

Powerful Dynamic Simulation with Simplicity only PowerWorld can Deliver

PowerWorld has developed with Simulator version 15 a game-changing Transient Stability application. The tool features Simulator’s trademark user-friendly design, yet is as powerful as any on the market.

Some of the features that make it so revolutionary include:

  • Its accessibility from within the familiar PowerWorld Simulator interface, without the need for separate programs or scripts
  • Its intuitive menus for assigning dynamic models to power system elements

  • Constucting fault timelines and running the simulation
  • Plotting results
  • Its full integration with PowerWorld’s industry-leading visualization tools – one-line diagrams, contouring, dynamic formatting, and more.


Play Transient Stability Demo 3 Phase Line Fault Simulation
(45 seconds, requires Adobe Flash Player, version 7 or higher)

Simulator Version 19 adds the ability to automatically export frames at a specified interval, to allow for the creation of fully animated sequences showing the effects of specified contingencies.