The PowerWorld Simulator base package contains a tool for automatically analyzing contingencies in the power flow. Contingencies can be as simple as single line transmission outages or as complex as multiple element outages with remedial action schemes.

  • Automatic batch processing of contingency solutions; the base case is automatically restored following the analysis
  • Full power flow or fast linearized analysis
  • Specific contingency solution options such as make-up power sources
  • Results are viewable along multiple dimensions, by contingency or by impacted facility
  • Option to apply or solve a single contingency, observe and interact with the solution state, and return to the base case when finished
  • Simple contingencies can be quickly auto-generated
  • Remedial action schemes (RAS) can be armed and executed only under very specific system conditions (conditional RAS)
  • Tools and metrics for comparing two sets of contingency results (e.g. across different seasons or load levels, or before and after a change such as a generator interconnection)