Integrated Topology Processing

PowerWorld has released in its version 14.0 a new product that can reshape the power system operations and planning business processes of the electricity industry. For several decades the entire industry has lived and struggled with a two-model paradigm. The computer applications, models, and formats used in the operations and planning stages of the power industry are completely different and incompatible. This causes unnecessary complexity and innumerable problems ranging from data errors, to staff frustration, to ultimately a less secure grid. Attempts to bring these models together continue to avoid the cause of the problem requiring new formats, involved modeling, and cumbersome case conversions and mappings.

PowerWorld Integrated Topology Processing (ITP) is the only product in the industry that enables full unification of planning and operations at three levels: format, model and application environment. Based on revolutionary unified application architectures, ITP offers a simple, consistent and elegant solution to the two-model problem. ITP goes beyond matching the results of a single power flow to achieving full interoperability demonstrated by fully contingency analysis results of ISO planning and EMS tools.

Benefits of PowerWorld ITP technology include

  • The ability to fully analyze the real-time system conditions in an off-line environment;
  • Replacement of costly, cumbersome applications with PowerWorld Simulator analysis tools such as power flow, sensitivity analysis, contingency analysis, Available Transfer Capability, voltage stability (PVQV), Optimal Power Flow (OPF), and Security-Constrained OPF, directly in real-time;
  • The ability to build, read, and write full-topology (EMS) models in PowerWorld Simulator or PowerWorld Retriever;
  • Seamless exchange of data between operations and planning; and
  • A unifying platform that leverages new business processes by making operations and planning transitions transparent to the user.

Please view this document for more details on how PowerWorld Integrated Topology Processing can simplify your power systems applications.

Data Flow using PowerWorld Integrated Topology Processing to Build a Model from Real-Time Data.