New PowerWorld Simulator-Created Images

February 18, 2015

PowerWorld founder Professor Tom Overbye created these rich images in PowerWorld Simulator using a one-line diagram and unified North American power flow models. They demonstrate how Simulator can be used to provide “overview” visualizations, that might be of interest to a wide audience that might include management, media, government, and the general public. The images […]

GMD Vulnerability Assessment and NERC TPL-007-1

February 17, 2015

We recently developed a spreadsheet template for analyzing transformer thermal response due to geomagnetically induced current (GIC), as described in the NERC Transformer Thermal Impact Assessment White Paper. Details for this and for modeling of the NERC Benchmark GMD Event are provided in these knowledge-base articles. We will extend an offer to our North American […]

PowerWorld Simulator 18

May 29, 2014

PowerWorld Simulator 18 has been released! Version 18 includes hundreds of enhancements to existing features, as well as many new features.  The concentration of improvements has been in the Contingency Analysis tool, PV Curve (PVQV) add-on, and Transient Stability (TS) add-on. A complete listing of what’s new in version 18 may be found here or at the beginning of […]

Physical Security Metrics in PowerWorld Simulator

March 12, 2014

On March 7, 2014, FERC issued an order directing NERC “to submit for approval one or more Reliability Standards that will require certain registered entities to take steps or demonstrate that they have taken steps to address physical security risks and vulnerabilities related to the reliable operation of the Bulk-Power System.” PowerWorld Simulator can easily […]