PowerWorld v20 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of new versions across the PowerWorld line of power system analysis and visualization software. PowerWorld Simulator, PowerWorld Retriever, PowerWorld Trainer, and PowerWorld Viewer are all now on version 20. For a complete list of what’s new in version 20, see:

Simulator 20 now includes a 64-bit version, which installs automatically along with the 32-bit version of the software. (A separate installation directory is used for each version.)

Other significant improvements fall into three main categories.

    1. Easier management of input data

    • Many improvements to the Difference Case tool (previously named Difference Flows) that allow building a new case from differences due to new, removed, and changed elements from another case
    • Many improvements to the Auxiliary Export Format Descriptions
    • Continued support for reading/writing latest non-PowerWorld file formats
    • Read/write dozens of additional transient stability models
    2. Focus on industry needs:

    • New Transient Stability features including many new models for line relays and renewable energy sources and new modular load modeling
    • High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP or EMP) modeling through the Geomagnetically Induced Current (GIC) tool
    • Many new features with Scheduled Actions tool that allow better management and analysis of scheduled outages
    • More complete modeling of remedial action schemes (RAS) with arming criteria specifications and the ability to override model criteria and arming criteria based on real-time conditions
    • Continued improvements in full topology model analysis and support allowing easier interaction with disconnects and breakers
    3. Visualization tools:

    • One-line Viewer improvements, including customized menu hierarchy definitions, browser history buttons for easily navigating to recently opened one-lines, and greatly improved performance when opening the viewer
    • Data View feature allows the definition of user customizable dialogs for data objects
    • Ability to make Simulator visible while running SimAuto