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WECC Post Contingency Voltage Drop Criteria Monitoring


Note, this knowledge base article provides a very simple feature for monitoring for voltage deviation monitoring, however if you need more flexibility than is shown below, there are two other knowledge base articles related to this one which provide much more flexibility than is shown below.  Links to these knowledge base articles are as follows.


PowerWorld Simulator allows you to monitor for violations based on the change in a value relative to the reference state (base case).  To set these options in the user interface, take the following steps.

  • Open the Contingency Analysis Dialog
  • Choose the Options Tab at the top of the dialog
  • Choose Limit Monitoring\Advanced Limit Monitoring from the listing on the left
  • Configure the advanced monitoring to meet your needs

One common example users in the Western United States and Canada (WECC) often use is to monitor for post-contingency voltage drops of more than 5%.  To configure Simulator to monitor for these, set the following:

  • Set the option for How to Monitor Voltage Changes to Monitor percentage changes
  • Check the box Always report as a violation if the…
  • Set Decrease in low bus voltage >= to 5.00

These settings are depicted in the image at the end below.  These settings could also be configured by reading in a DATA section of an auxiliary file as follows.

     [CTG_WhatToDoWithBC:3, // How to Monitor Voltage Changes
      CTG_WhatToDoWithBC:2, // Always report as a violation if...
      CTG_BCLowVolt:2, // Always report decrease in low voltage
      CTG_BCHighVolt:2, // Always report increase in high voltage
      CTG_BCFlows:2, // Always report increase in branch flow
      CTG_BCInterface:2 // Always report increase in interface flow
// The following three options setup the voltage monitoring
"YES" // How to Monitor Voltage Changes set to Percentage
"YES" // Check Always report as a violation if
0.050 // 5% Decrease in low bus voltage
// Set the following three values also to ensure you are overwritting 
// any small values here which would result in violations you don't want
2.000 // 200% Increase in high bus voltage
999.0 // 999% Increase in branch flows
999.0 // 999% increase in interface flows


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August 27, 2013