Software Patches

November 10, 2014

Features and Improvements

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Added script command OpenWithBreakers(ObjectType,filter or [object identifier], [SwitchingDeviceTypes]).
  • File Formats: When saving selected generator records to an EPC file, bus records will also be saved so that the generator setpoint information is available.
  • Integrated Topology Processing (ITP): When saving a Consolidated Case or when viewing the Consolidated Superbus in the Bus View, generally open switching devices are maintained in the model to show where they are. We have modified it so that if a CLOSED switching device is parallel with a open switching device we do not display the open switching device. CLOSED switching devices in this situation are unusual as they must be specified as Consolidate=NO or part of an interface or tie-line, so this is a special situation.
  • Integrated Topology Processing (ITP): Modified so that we consolidate a dead bus to its neighbors if all three of the following conditions are met:
    1. It has no gens, loads, or shunts
    2. It is connected to the rest of the system only by open AC branches
    3. It is only connected to ONE other SuperBus through these AC branches
    The objective here is to consolidate a disconnect and dead auxiliary bus.
  • Oneline Diagrams: Added the ability to search for text inside Background Text.
  • Oneline Diagrams: Added the ability to convert multi-section line display objects to background lines.
  • Sensitivity Calculations: On the LODF Screening dialog added the ability to store the summary results to custom fields with Branch records.
  • Bug Fixes

    • General: Fixed access violation that could occur if deleting an island slack bus that was selected by Simulator.
    • Power Flow Solution: We will no longer turn control off for a transformer or switched shunt that is regulating the same bus as either a generator or an SVC that are on line drop control and there are voltage regulation setpoint conflicts. In this case it is up to the user to rectify any potential control conflicts. Enhanced the error messages to give a better idea of where there could be voltage control conflicts.
    • Sensitivity Calculations: Corrected the LCDF values that are displayed when using the LODF Matrix and LODF Screening tools. The LCDF values had previously been showing values used internally in Simulator to calculate the impact of line closures rather than the actual LCDF values.
    • Transient Stability: For GGOV1 governor, a when Ka = 0 the governor doesn't make sense because in this situation the output of the governor will NEVER go up. Even as it swings down during a simulation it is then stuck at the lower value forever. Ka=0 is rarely entered in input data but when it is, the intent is clearly to disable the rate limiter, so the Ka term is now ignored if Ka<=0. Also modified GGOV1 to ignore the rate limiter if Ta=0.
    • Transient Stability: Fixed bug with Pelec not being on the Trate (turbine rating) base for governor models.
    • Transient Stability: Fixed an access violation that could occur when showing transient Events results for all contingencies.
    • Transient Stability: The start time for a single transient contingency can now be specified as less than 0. Negative start times were allowed in the case info display, but the dialog was limiting time to a minimum of 0.
    • User Interface Dialogs: Fixed a bug with the Bus View opening from the Owner Dialog Generators tab.