Retriever 19 Patches

New Features

Bug Fixes


October 17, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Retriever: Fixed bug in the data source failure (as indicated by the fail over point) code. There was a bug that was allowing for a one retrieval after a data source was restored even though it should wait (for denouncing) for the fail over time out interval. This has been fixed.

October 4, 2016

Features and Improvements

  • Retriever: Updated retriever alarming for data source failure. The alarming now indicates the time the data source is marked as failing and returning. Previously the time that retrieval was resumed was indicated.

October 3, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Retriever: Fixed bug in Retriever displaying the severity level of an alarmed object with a scheduled action. Previously, the alarm showed the severity level associated with the monitor generating the alarm. The code has been updated so that the severity level is set to the severity associated with a scheduled outage (if one exists).

September 13, 2016

Features and Improvements

  • Retriever: Added ability on the Alarm object to show the severity level and severity name fields of the related AlarmSeverity
  • Bug Fixes

    • Retriever: Dynamic formating did not function when applied to an Alarm object.

August 31, 2016

Features and Improvements

  • Retriever: Text file datasources can be set to include a flag in the first line of the datasource indicating a failover code. This field is then read to indicate if the datasource should be read. Previously when reading a flag indicating the file should not be read an Alarm was automatically created indicating this. A new feature has been added to also automatically create an Alarm after the datasource is restored (the failover code is no longer read).

August 25, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • File Formats: Fixed reading the ABB text file for setting tap min and tap max on three winding transformers

August 22, 2016

Features and Improvements

  • Retriever: Added option for inhibiting latest changes aliases that caused an alarm to the short cut options.

August 3, 2016

Features and Improvements

  • Retriever: Added field to display the alias whose change is responsible for an alarm.
  • Retriever: Added inhibited field (sgInhibitedAlias) for string grid of inhibited points.
  • Retriever: Added field for changed aliases in alarm grid.
  • Retriever: Added field for inhibit type or source (eg manual, quality buffer, chatter buffer).
  • Retriever: Added a Permanent result the inhibit expire field. If the inhibit doesn't expire in a year, it is shown as permanent.
  • Retriever: Added F6 as a shortcut to inhibit changed aliases on the alarm dialog.
  • Retriever: Added Derived Oneline field to AlarmUsesDerivedStatus.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Retriever: Added check that values were retrieved before setting previous value meta data. This is to fix a trampling problem caused by data sources with no values only quality.
    • Retriever: Added nil checks before accessing subscription list. This was causing a data source failure when an alias had no subscriptions.
    • Retriever: Fixed toolbars on alarm options dialog. The toolbar is hidden when the general options tab is open, and populated correctly for the severity levels and inhibited points tabs.
    • Retriever: Delete from string grid now works to remove inhibited point.
    • Retriever: Updated code to handle derived online field when getting list of changed Aliases.

July 19, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • User Interface Dialogs: Fixed an access violation that could occur when deleting an Alias Subscription from the dialog.

May 26, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Retriever: Added fix for the fail over timer. If an ICCP source failed, then an alarm would be generated after the fail over timer expired, and Retriever attempted to read the data again. I've added a flag that is set when the fail over timer expires. If the flag is set, and the ICCP source is still failed, then a new alarm is not generated. A message is printed to the log, the data source is disabled for the fail over time again.

April 15, 2016

Features and Improvements

  • Retriever:
  • Bug Fixes

    • Retriever: The March 15, 2016 patch was supposed to add the ability to automatically calculated the InterchangeMW and InterchangeMvar fields for Areas by summing up the subscriptions associated with the area tie-line flows. This was not included in that patch and is now in this patch.

March 23, 2016

Features and Improvements

  • Retriever: Fixed a bug introduced in a recent patch caused by assuming that there are more variables available for an expression than exist.

March 15, 2016

Features and Improvements

  • General: Added ability for the Interchange MW and Mvar fields for an Area to be calculated from the area tie-line flow subscriptions.
  • Bug Fixes

    • General: Ensuring MaxVarsInExpression is *always* 8, not 32 in Retriever as it was previously. This was breaking things and was inconsistent with files created in Simulator.
    • General: Fixed bug that was causing an interface to always return 0 for the flow in real time mode

March 11, 2016

Features and Improvements

  • Retriever: Fixed bug that was causing an interface to always return 0 for the flow in real time mode.

February 8, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Retriever: Modified error checking code for entering expire all times for Monitors.
  • Retriever: Added log message to indicate an alias is permanently inhibited.
  • Retriever: Fixed bug that was causing retrieved bus loads to not show in real time mode.

January 20, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Retriever: Fixed formatting on Permanently Inhibited log message.

January 13, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Retriever: Added time buffer (equal to one update period) for the inhibit all expiration evaluation. The logic compares the next expire all inhibit time with the current time. There was a problem that was causing the next expire all time to be returned instead of the expected value.
  • Retriever: Fixed logic for expiring all inhibits. I added an exception for permanently inhibited aliases.
  • Retriever: Fixed bug on alarm options dialog that was giving an error message populating the list of expire all inhibit times.

January 6, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Retriever: Added ability to clear inhibit on an alias
  • Retriever: Fixed linking between the alias list an the alias objects

December 30, 2015

Features and Improvements

  • Retriever: Made changes to support indefinite inhibition:
    1. changed secfromnow to int64
    2. GetNextExpireAllTime now returns "forever" by default. this means if there are no specified expire all times, then the point will be inhibited indefinitely.
    3. added InhibitAliasPermanent
    4. Added button on monitor options form to clear all inhibited points (useful for debugging)
    5. Added right click option to inhibit changed points permanently

December 11, 2015

Features and Improvements

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Adding Trim(), LTrim() and RTrim() to the expression parser.
  • Case Information Displays: Adding Trim(), LTrim() and RTrim() to the expression parser.
  • General: Added MW Transactions to Model Expressions, Model Conditions, Model Fields, and Custom Monitors.
  • PV and QV Curve (PVQV) Tool: When opening the QV Curves dialog, the columns being shown in the Bus tab are processed. If the column "Selected" is in the list and the column "QVSelected" is NOT in the list, then the Selected Column is replaced with "QVSelected". In Version 18, we changed QV curves so that only buses that are flagged as QVSelected=YES are processed. In Version 17 and earlier we used the field Selected=YES. As a result, older PWB files may exist which have the Selected column in this table causing confusion. This change will avoid this confusion.
  • Transient Stability: Added ability to load several USRMDL records using in Alaska from a DYR file.
    USRMDL SVCBAS is converted to a SVSMO1_AK_A
    USRMDL GTAKGE is converted to a GAST2A_AIR
    USRMDL GTAKWD is converted to a GASTWD_AIR
    USRMDL CSVCAB is converted to a SVSMO1_AK_B
    USRMDL HRSG is converted to a HRSGSimple
    GVABESis converted to a CBATTERY
    ALSTM1 is converted to a SVCALS
  • QV Curves: Added User Defined Integer field with QV results. This might be useful for selecting groups of results to plot together.
  • Retriever: Updated alarm inhibit feature to support inhibiting of only changed aliases in addition to the ability to inhibit all aliases associated with an alarm.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Fixed bug when loading interface elements from an AUX file when the keywords for "BRANCH" etc.. used lowercase characters. In some locations it was not properly reading the interface elements.
    • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Store Line Tap by default with Transformer data. This had only been stored with Branch data and might be needed if the fixed taps are anything other than 1. Reordered the priority fields for the transformer nominal kV, fixed taps, and actual tap so that we end up with the correct tap after loading an aux file.
    • File Formats: Fixed bug when appending PWB cases and the same substation exists in both cases.
    • PV and QV Curve (PVQV) Tool: Fixed bug with ramping PV transfer in which the source contains the system slack. The slack would not actually move and could reach a situation in which no ramping is actually being done even though the tool looks like it keeps increasing the transfer.
    • PV and QV Curve (PVQV) Tool: Fixed invalid pointer error associated with monitoring inadequate voltages with a PV run.
    • Transient Stability: Fixed access violation on Stability tab of the transformer/branch dialog.
    • Transient Stability: Modified the initialization of the svcals, svsmo1_ak_a, and svsmo1_ak_b switched shunt models for SVCs.
    • Transient Stability: Modified the initialization of the Hydro_Bradley governor model so it works with stabilizers that use the mechanical power as an input.
    • User Interface Dialogs: Fixed bug when opening the Model Condition dialog if the class of the filter was different than the class of the object. This worked correctly on the dialog while defining the Model Condition, but when choosing show dialog on an existing model condition it was not properly populating the dialog.
    • User Interface Dialogs: Added support for reading/writing switched shunt stability models from the DYR format.
    • User Interface Dialogs: Fixed bug with how much you can scale each parameter. Bug would force the limit to 99999.

November 24, 2015

Features and Improvements

  • PV and QV Curve (PVQV) Tool: @CASENAME, @CTGNAME, and @CTGMEMO will now work as special keywords in the title block for PV plots in a similar manner to the Transient Stability Plots.
  • Transient Stability: Adding a new global transient stability option for "Minimum Voltage For Frequency Relay". When the per unit voltage is below this threshold then all frequency relays will treat their measured frequency as nominal frequency. This was done to mimic the voltage inhibit flag of real relay models and also to prevent motors stuck behind a fault from tripping on low frequency when the measured frequency behind the fault is suspect.
  • User Interface Dialogs: On various dialogs that have a custom tab (Bus, Gen, Shunt, Branch, etc...) which shows the custom fields, the assignment of the DataMaintainer may now be done on the Custom tab
  • User Interface Dialogs: Modified the Switched Shunt dialogs to be sizable to make editing their transient stability models easier.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Fixed bug that would not allow using the special busloc ALL to return all available fields with a particular variablename.
    • File Formats: When writing out shunt data to an EPC file, we had been writing -1 for the bus number of the controlling shunt when there was no controlling shunt. Now we are writing 0.
    • File Formats: Added svc important fields needed when saving case as an entire case to an aux file.
    • Transient Stability: Adding in support for transformer tap switching in the distribution equivalent model and in the CMPLDW model. Previously this was being ignored.
    • Transient Stability: When showing plots, the legend text was always appearing as black instead of the same color as the plot series to which it refers. The font color will now again be based on the plot series to which it refers.
    • Transient Stability: For load object fields shown in the plot designer field list, the "Relay" and "Feeder" Other fields were flipped in the user interface. The folders for the feeder fields would say "relay" and vice versa. This was a cosmetic error and is fixed.