Simulator 21 Patches

New Features

Bug Fixes


August 13, 2019

Features and Improvements

  • General: Added ability to automatically load a PWB, AUX, RAW, or EPC file whenever a new file appears in a directory. The file will immediately be opened and then the file will be deleted!
  • Bug Fixes

    • File Formats: Modified the Save RAW with Options dialog to allow Version 34 RAW files to be opened and saved.
    • File Formats: When reading an EPC file load record a climate zone of " " (double quote, space, double quote) was being read and a climate zone created without stripping of the double quotes resulting in a very strangely named LoadModelGroup in Simulator. Then on a subsequent export of the load record to an EPC it would encase that entire string inside double quotes resulting in "" "". This then appeared to be two strings on the next import of the EPC file messing up entries after the climate zone in the EPC file. This has been fixed.
    • Integrated Topology Processing (ITP): Added checks for the ITP add-on when using the 'When using Integrated Topology Processing, monitor only the primary bus for each superbus' option. This option was being used when the user did not have the ITP add-on and when the case was not marked as a full topology case. This was causing the contingency analysis to give confusing results: they were being limited to primary buses when this was not the expected behavior. Now, the option will check that the user has the ITP add-on and that the case is marked as a full topology case before filtering the results. In addition, the checkbox will be hidden if the user does not have the ITP add-on.
    • Transient Stability: When testing to see if the Intermountain Power Project (IPP) DC Line should be automatically included in the stability model, modified so this model is not included if the actual device is out of service in the initial case. This was causing access violation.
    • Transient Stability: Fixed bugs with initializing a DC line that is out of service in a transient stability simulation.
    • Transient Stability: Fixed error when initially energizing a bus with a ZIP load by closing in branches to energize the bus during a transient stability run.

August 9, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Transient Stability: Fixed a bug where Plot images were not being saved properly during Distributed TS runs.

August 8, 2019

Features and Improvements

  • Transient Stability: Added a new Injection Group transient stability model named GroupMSS.
  • User Interface Dialogs: Modified the dialog that appears offering the user the ability to add "Case Comments" when choosing options to Save Case, Save Case As, Save Case with Comments, or Save Case As with Comments. Previously once you got to that dialog there was no way to "Abort the Save". Hitting the X in the upper right would just skip adding the comment but you would still save the case. There are now separate buttons to Add a comment, Skip adding comment, and Abort Save all together. Also removed the X in the upper-right of this dialog to force the user to choose one of the buttons making it very clear what is desired.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Case Information Displays: Fixed an access violation that could result when using the option to Export Case Object Fields related to the new ModelPlane object
    • Transient Stability: Bug fix in Modal Analysis for catching exception during floating point overflow, which happens rarely, but typically while using a large time window, or a time window which has a "discontinuous" signal (like when a generator opens up, causing a sudden change)

August 6, 2019

Features and Improvements

  • Transient Stability: Added WTGT_B mechanical model for a type 4 wind turbine.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Case Information Displays: Fixed error in calculating the amps of a load when the load is disconnected.
    • Transient Stability: When an IEEEG1 or CRCMGV were configured with the low pressure generator online AND the high pressure generator off-line, this resulted in an access violation. The governor model is assigned to the high-pressure generator which is off-line in this situation and was causing bad behavior. For now this has been fixed by ignoring the governor and thus the low pressure genenerator will be simulated without a governor.
    • Transient Stability: Added storage of the option to Include Remedial Actions in Transient Analysis to PWB files which will also allow this option to be included with distributed computing. Remedial actions had not been included with the distributed computing runs but this has been fixed.

August 2, 2019

Features and Improvements

  • File Formats: Added bad data handling when reading an EPC file with a generator with cont_mode = 4 if the Vcsched is set to an unreasonable value. (We were seeing cases where value was set to 24.000 as user entered value in kV mistakenly). When Vcsched is specified outside the range 0.85 - 1.15 we will instead assuming cont_mode = 0, the regulated bus is the terminal bus, and the VoltSet is the present terminal voltage.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Tool: Fixed Access Violation that would occur when using the Available Transfer Capability tool when using the Iterated Solution Methods. This bug only impacted Version 21.
    • File Formats: Added ability to read the cont_mode = 4 from a generator in an EPC file. This then uses a field "Vcsched" field. When reading cont_mode = 4, the generator is set to as follows
      VoltSet = Vcsched
      UseLineDrop = YES
      Rcomp = RcompEPC * SBase/MVABase
      Xcomp = XcompEPC * SBase/MVABase
    • Time Step Simulation: Fixed bug when using a file Data Source on the Model Analysis Form when no plots have been defined. Even though the plots is not being used as the source an error would occur. Now a file can be specified without needing plots defined as well.