Software Patches

May 8, 2018

Features and Improvements

  • Contingency Analysis Tool: The ContingencyElement field WhoAmi Description shows a pretty version of the contingency element description. Various options allow that descriptions format to be changed to show various file format versions of the element description instead. If the element was unlinked however, the file format versions would just show a blank indicating that the unlinked objects wouldn't be written to file by default. This has been changed so that now we just show the normal unlinked information prepended with the word "Unlinked". It's still clear to the user that the element is unlinked.
  • File Formats: Added a new generator field UnitType choice of "XC (Cross Compound Steam)". When reading an EPC file this will be set if the turbine type = 3.
  • File Formats: Added a new column for generators to translate the generator UnitType field into the integer turbine type documented in in the WECC Data Preparation Manual.
  • File Formats: When reading an EPC file, added the translation of new EPC turbine type integers to the UnitCode as spelled out in recent updates to the WECC Data Preparation Manual.
    3 --> XC (Cross Compound Steam)
    19 --> BT (Turbines Used in a Binary Cycle, including those used for geothermal applications)
    25 --> WS (Wind Turbine, Offshore)
    29 --> CT (Combined Cycle Combustion Turbine Part)
    42 --> BA (Energy Storage, Battery)
    43 --> FW (Energy Storage, Flywheel)
    44 --> ES (Energy Storage, Other)
    46 --> CE (Compressed Air Storage)
    47 --> CP (Energy Storage, Concentrated Solar Power)
    51 --> HA (Hydrokinetic, Axial Flow Turbine)
    52 --> HB (Hydrokinetic, Wave Buoy)
    53 --> HK (Hydrokinetic, Other)
    54 --> PS (Hydro Pumped Storage)
  • File Formats: When reading an EPC file, if any generator turbine type integers are read which are not specified in the WECC Data Preparation Manual, then a warning message will be written to the log indicating that this integer value is being interpreted as "OT (Other)"
  • File Formats: When writing out to the EPC file, any UnitType values for nuclear steam generators NB, NG, NH, and NP will be written as turbine type 1 indicating a steam turbine. Previously these were written as 99 indicating other. Customers pointed out that steam was an appropriate mapping.
  • File Formats: When reading the EPC generator cont_mode for the voltage control mode, the integer values -2, 2, and 3 indicating types of either constant power factor or boundary power factor control. These were added several years ago originally for wind turbine generators and when first introduced it was reliable to assume that these always indicating a wind turbine. At the time, the turbine type field was not reliably populated so PowerWorld automatically changed the unit type when these values were seen. This is no longer appropriate so we no longer populate the unit type based on these values.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Transient Stability: There was a bug when using the features top apply a fault "to Achieve Voltage" or "to Scale Voltage". This feature worked properly for a Bus, however when applied to a branch it was actually applying the fault to one of the terminal bus objects instead which meant that after clearing the branch fault, the bus fault remained. This has been fixed.