Software Patches

March 15, 2016

Features and Improvements

  • General: Added Switched Shunt field for "AutoControl" which may be specified as either YES or NO to specify whether the shunt is allowed to be automatically controlled. This means that you no longer are required to set the Control Mode to FIXED to indicate that it can't be controlled.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Contingency Analysis: Fixed access violations that could occur when showing the Contingency Violation Matrices.
    • Distributed Computation: The Pause option has been eliminated from Distributed Contingency Analysis.
    • Oneline Diagrams: Fixed some bugs associated with the Geographic Data View Style dialog.
    • Power Flow Solution: Modified so that internally in Simulator we always use a ZBRThreshold that is 0.01% larger than the user entered. This way we ensure if they set a branch impedance "equal" to the ZBRThreshold then it will always be treated as at or below. This is an issue because the branch impedances are stored as single precision floats, so you just don't know if the value is going to be evaluate as 0.00029001 or 0.00028999 and this impacts the results we get for things like generator var sharing and transformer tap balancing. When we actually USE the threshold we'll multiply it by 1.0001. 0.00029000 * 1.0001 = 0.000290029 which will ensure that all branches entered AT the threshold are treated as at or below it!
    • Transient Stability: When saving plot options to a PWB file, the option for automatically saving plots to file was not being correctly stored. This has been fixed.
    • Transient Stability: Fixed error in showing warnings and error messages in validation for a Load Distribution equivalent Q/P ratio.
    • User Interface Dialogs: Modified to ensure that when choosing to load a file saved using the AUX network file type it will automatically ensure you go to Edit Mode when loading the case from the Recently Opened file list.