Software Patches

July 8, 2016

Features and Improvements

  • Difference Case Tool: added support in LimitSet and VoltageControlGroup object differences to be shown in the Difference Case Tool
  • Difference Case Tool: Modified when loading a ReactiveCapability data section of an AUX file. If the required fields necessary to create a new ReactiveCapability objects are in the data section header, then upon reading a point for a particular generator, Simulator will first delete all existing points. The assumption is if you are editing any portion of the curve you are replacing all of it. If however, the fields necessary to create the ReactiveCapability are NOT present, then Simulator will simply look for the particular MW value of the Capability curve and edit the fields listed. There are really only 3 fields editable on this object (MvarMax, MvarMin, and Selected). If both MvarMax and MvarMin are present, the file will assume you are replacing the entire capability curve because those are the required fields. If however, only the Selected field is present we will assuming you are only selecting particular points, likely to be followed up by a Delete command.
  • Difference Case Tool: Added ability to use the Selected field of a ReactiveCapability object so that points can be deleted using a script
  • Difference Case Tool: Added support for the showing the differences in the ReactiveCapability curves in the Difference Case Tool.
  • File Formats: Added new field for storing the EMSPSID with a Branch object in Simulator. When reading PS records from the hdbexport format, this will store the ID field for the PS record associated with an XF record.
  • Bug Fixes

    • File Formats: Fixed error in reading DC bus data from an EPC when an extra blank string was inserted after the nominal kV field. This was causing the record to be read incorrectly such as assigning the DC bus to the incorrect Area and Zone. The symptom a user would notice is that the area tie-lines were incorrect causing the ACE for areas to be way off.
    • Power Flow Solution: Added some code to prevent controller oscillations associated with the SVC fixed shunt switching.
    • User Interface Dialogs: Modified some hints and labels on the Switched Shunt dialog to better explain SVC input fields.