Software Patches

January 9, 2018

Features and Improvements

  • Contingency Analysis Tool: Added ability to write out two additional Contingency action types to a PTI CON file
    1. BLOCK TWOTERMDC 'name' // Opens the DC line
    2. SET TWOTERMDC 'name' to 12.34 MW
    3. SET TWOTERMDC 'name' to 12.34 MW
  • General: Added the ability in an interface to include a Generator OPEN or a Load OPEN element. This has been integrated in the calculation of the AC Power Flow Solution, Linearized DC Power Flow Solution, the PTDF calculation, and the sensitivities and flows needed to perform an OPF solution.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Power Flow Solution: In the patch on 1/8/18 the following change was made: When using the option to Check Generator Mvar Limits Immediately, generators will only be allowed to hit limits for the first two voltage control loop iterations. After that they will only be allowed to back off limits.
      A bug was introduced with this that would ALWAYS set the option to back off immediately instead of just setting this if the option to check immediately was in use. This has been fixed.
    • PV and QV Curve (PVQV) Tool: When the source or sink is maxed when ramping in the PV base case and the system state is left in the last state, the Present Nominal Shift value shown on the dialog edit box was not reflecting the actual transfer in the system state. This has been fixed.