Software Patches

January 29, 2021

Features and Improvements

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): The ClearFault and MultipleFault script commands have been changed to FaultClear and FaultMultiple, as the formatting of the commands is more consistent with other script commands. The ClearFault and MultipleFault legacy commands will still work if encountered.
  • QV Curves: Added new to QV curve to indicate where in the QV solution process to load in the QV curve power flow solution options. Previously they were always loaded at the beginning of the QV curve run BEFORE the contingency solution. Because of that, the Contingency solution options would always override the QV curve options when PowerWorld went to trace the QV curve after a contingency. There is now an option called "SolutionOptionWhen" that can be set to either "Before" or "After". By changing this option to "After", the QV curve options will instead by applied AFTER the contingency solution. The default option for this will remain "Before" for Simulator Version 21, but when Simulator Version 22 is released the default will be changed to "After".