Software Patches

January 29, 2013

Features and Improvements

  • Case Information Displays: Added a field with generators, Mvar Capability Curve Is Defined, to indicate if the generator has a curve and not if the curve should be used. No longer create a default curve when setting the Use Mvar Capability Curve option to YES through the generator case information display and a curve does not already exist. A default curve will only be created if setting this option through the generator dialog and a curve does not already exist. A curve can only be used if one has been created and the option to use it is set.
  • Time Step Simulation: Added a button on the Results tab that will allow you to send all results to Excel. The format and data that gets sent will be the same as when sending each table to Excel one at a time. Only the results tables that actually have objects defined will be sent to Excel. All results will be sent to a new workbook in separate worksheets.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Tool: Allow other dialogs to be accessed when opening the Limit Monitoring and Violations dialog from the ATC dialog.
    • File Formats: When appending switched shunt data from an EPC file and attempting to keep the IDs unique, instead of always modifying the Bus Shunt Fixed ID if there is a conflict, modify the ID of the shunt that is flagged for delete if there is one. The Bus Shunt Fixed will be modified if both shunts are flagged for delete. This is intended to set the ID of the shunt that shouldn't be deleted to the desired value if attempting to replace an SVD with a Bus Shunt Fixed or vice versa.