Software Patches

January 23, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): When loading Branch, MSLine, or DCLine InterfaceElement objects on top of an already existing InterfaceElement, if the Near Bus and Far Bus in the AUX file are the opposite of what is stored in the existing case, then Simulator will still find that existing InterfaceElement. The problem was that the field "MeterFar" and "Weighting" of that InterfaceElement are specified with the near/far designation as a reference. When loading the AUX file however, the Element field direction was not flipped and thus the resulting AUX file would be read incorrectly. As an example if the existing case had the following data definition for an InterfaceElement
    Interface Element MeterFar Weight
    "MyInterface" BRANCH 12 34 1" "NO" +1.0
    That is equivalent to the following
    "MyInterface" BRANCH 34 12 1" "YES" -1.0
    However if you loaded the second AUX snippet on top of the case as described in the first then you would end up with only the MeterFar and Weight being flipped and you'd have the following which is incorrect
    "MyInterface" BRANCH 12 34 1" "YES" -1.0
    This has been fixed.
  • Case Information Displays: Fixed bug in which Column Plots were not working to show values in Base and Difference mode for the Difference Case Tool. Previously values were always shown as the Present values regardless.