Software Patches

January 20, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Case Information Displays: Fixed bugs with inserting new MW Transactions for the case information display.
  • Contingency Analysis: If a contingency that implements no actions follows a contingency that hit reserve limits, the contingency that implements no actions will have reserve limits reported with it as well because this flag was not getting reset. This has been fixed.
  • Fault Analysis: Fixed bug setting up positive and negative sequence admittance matrices for an IEC-909 or Flat Classical fault.
  • Fault Analysis: Fixed application of the correct units (pu or amps) on fields displaying fault currents on the oneline.
  • File Formats: When writing to EPC and RAW files and there are more than 11 points in an impedance correction table, the points need to be reduced so that there are only 11. This had been permanently changing the impedance correction tables instead of just temporarily during the file save process. This has been fixed.
  • File Formats: Made some modifications to reading RAW file that supports ERCOT MOD generated file that is being appended to another case. The file contained another comment symbol (@!) at the end of several lines. The first line (title) also was read entirely as a comment since it started with a /, which caused the case ID section to be read incorrectly, and the first bus in the bus list was lost. I changed it so that now the first three lines have to be the case ID section, with no comments at the beginning of the RAW file.
  • General: Fixed including area transactions as part of difference flows. You wouldn't get a difference if you set the difference flows base case and then opened a different case.
  • General: Removed some confusing messages in the log about switched shunts at the same bus having conflicting regulated buses. These messages could occur when one of the shunts was actually off control due to the area setting for switched shunt control. The problem was only with messages. The actual control of these devices was correct.
  • Power Flow Solution: Fixed a bug with not using the correct minimum limit for SVC type SVSMO3. This bug was introduced in the Dec. 18, 2016 patch.
  • Power Flow Solution: When using the Fast Decoupled Power Flow, solution problems could exist or access violations could result due to generators switching between being on AVR control and not on AVR control. This has been fixed.
  • Power Flow Solution: Generators that are on line drop compensation control that are no longer able to maintain this control will switch to PQ buses. This could cause power flow solution problems if the mismatch calculations are not updated for the change from PV to PQ bus. This has been fixed.