Software Patches

January 13, 2017

Features and Improvements

  • Contingency Analysis Tool: added the ability to right-click on an object in a case information display and under the object-specific menu is a button for "Show Dependency Explorer". This will open the Depenendency Explorer to the object that had been right-clicked on in the case information display.
  • Contingency Analysis Tool: Modified the Dependency Explorer so that it not shown as a permanently focused form. You may now navigate through other dialogs while the Dependency Explorer remains open.
  • Power Flow Solution: Modified the new Contingency Analysis option "Prevent new island without enough controllable generation" add in the January 9, 2017 patch. The MaxDeviation value used in this algorithm will now be based on either 1% of the new island load with a bound on this value of between 10% and 100% of the CTG_Options CAGCToleranceMVA. Also modified so that this is only done on a new island which represents less than 10% of the total case load.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Tool: Fixed access violation when selecting a disconnected bus as part of the ATC transfer.
    • Contingency Analysis: Improved the behavior of writing all contingency resutls to hard drive. It will now include Custom Monitors.
    • File Formats: Fixed a bug where using the SaveCase script command or SimAuto function while saving a MatPower .m file would result in an error or the file being incorrectly saved to the root directory of the active drive if the user supplied only the file name of the .m file without the full path included. The file instead should get saved to the current working directory if the full path is not provided.
    • Power Flow Solution: When defining an interface that monitors BRANCH A while also including additional InterfaceElemnts for BRANCHCLOSE A as well as at least a second BRANCHOPEN or BRANCHCLOSE, the calculation of the MW on the interface was incorrect as was the PTDF. This situation was handled appropriately in linearized contingency analysis and the available transfer capability tool, but was not handled in the Interface object calculations. This has been fixed.
    • Security Constrained OPF (SCOPF) Tool: When running LODF matrix, return a consistent value of 1000000 for outages that create islands. Previously it was a large number but appeared somewhat random to the user.
    • Transient Stability: Fixed a bug with generic Limit monitors in transient stability. The OverSpeed setting wasn't working because it was using the under speed setting to set up the value.