Software Patches

January 10, 2017

Features and Improvements

  • Contingency Analysis Tool: Contingency records can now be filtered by LimitViol. This is useful for finding contingencies that have violations of specific elements.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Tool: When using Economic Merit Order Close with iterated ATC method, enforce the economic limits when calculating the PTDFs as part of the linear step portion of the process.
    • General: The website security was updated on January 1, 2017 to utilize SSL. When previous patches of Simulator queried the website to determine if a new patch was available, this change caused the following error message to appear: "Simulator 19 is unable to determine if a new patch is available because the following error occurred: "HTTP/1.1 302 Found". (Or some similar message). This patch fixes this problem. In addition, you will notice two additional DLL files being included with the patch update as part of this fix: ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll. These DLLs are needed to make secure calls to the powerworld website.
    • Transient Stability: Fixed a bug loading repc_a from a user defined model. The Flow Bus was not set.