Software Patches

August 27, 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Contingency Analysis: When choosing the option to Save As > Auxiliary File (all contingency related/only selected records) for contingency records, all ContingencyElement records for all contingencies were being saved even if they didn't belong to selected contingencies. This has been fixed.
  • Contingency Analysis: Fixed access violations caused by the deletion of Model Filters or Model Conditions that are used for Arming Criteria for Remedial Actions or Remedial Action Elements.
  • Contingency Analysis: When using the Save button on the contingency analysis dialog to save all of the contingency related information, Remedial Actions were being saved without the Arming Criteria and Arming Criteria Status fields. These are now included.
  • Contingency Analysis: Bug fix for option in Contingency Analysis option to do OPF solution. User interface now toggles the option used during calculation. File format now saves this option, and loads it back in.
  • Contingency Analysis: The dialog for Remedial Actions was not properly setting the Arming Criteria and Arming Status if they had been created from an auxiliary file. The dialog would not show the correct information when opening the dialog and would not save the correct information when closing the dialog. Both of these issues have been fixed.
  • GIC: When reading *.GIC format, modified code so transformer VECGRP is assumed to be in the PSSE format in which the highest voltage bus is not necessarily first. This approach does not conform to IEEE Std. C57.12/70-2011, but matches what is seen in files we have received.
  • Oneline Diagrams: Fixed error that was causing an access violation putting new markers in a marker layer.