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What is the difference between the *.PWB and *.PWD files used by Simulator and what are PowerWorld Project Files?

PWB and PWD stand for PowerWorld Binary and PowerWorld Display.

The PWB files contain the actual power system data for the case. Traditionally, case files can contain large amounts of data. We store this data in a binary file to reduce the size of the file on your hard drive. Furthermore, data stored in a binary file may be read much more rapidly than a text file, allowing Simulator to load large cases more quickly.

The PWD files contain the graphical data associated with the case. In other words, the sizes, shapes, colors, and locations of the graphical elements of the one-line diagram are stored in the display file. One common misconception is that the display files contain power system data. They do not. All power system data is stored in the PWB file. Bus Numbers serve as the key for our display files, allowing them to link with the power system data after they are opened.

Simulator splits case and display data into two files so that one-line diagrams can be used with many different cases.

PowerWorld Project files end with the extension *.PWP.

In Simulator, it is not unusual to have a number of files associated with one power system case. In addition to the case file that stores the model of the system, there may be one or more diagrams depicting various regions of the system. These diagrams might feature document links that connect to files that were created using other applications. Other files such as template files, auxiliary data files, and script files might also be associated with a Simulator case. While keeping these files separate makes maintaining the data easier, it may make it difficult to transfer the case to another computer, or to share the model with a colleague. PowerWorld Project files provide you a solution by combining all the files associated with the case into one file.

In order to a create a project file, open the case for which you want to create the project in Simulator. Then open any one-line diagrams that you wish to open automatically when the user opens the project. Then select File >> Save As Project, from the main menu to open the Create Project Dialog which allows you specify the contents of the project file. Finally click OK to create the project file. For more details see the Simulator User’s Guide.

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July 3, 2012