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Transformer Time-Series for NERC Benchmark GMD Event and Supplemental GMD Event

The following input files may be loaded to automatically simulate the time-series surface electric fields in the  NERC Benchmark Geomagnetic Disturbance Event (May 12, 2016) and Supplemental Event.

From PowerWorld Simulator GIC, choose the “Spatially Uniform Time-Varying E-Field” Calculation Mode. Then point to the downloaded CSV file in the “Time-Varying Input File” text box. Add the name and location of an output file in the “Save Output File” text box and click “Calculate Transformer IEffective.” For each time step, GIC calculations are performed and transformer GIC(t) are written to the output file (csv format). The raw data for the geomagnetic and electric field quantities is available from the NERC GMD Task Force. This feature in Simulator may be used with other GMD uniform E-Field time series csv files prepared in the same three-column format (time, eastward e-field (V/km), northward e-field (V/km)).

Another Knowledge Base entry provides a spreadsheet template for calculating transformer GIC thermal response.

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October 10, 2014