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GIC Time Varying Electric Field Example

PowerWorld Simulator supports binary and text file formats for time and spatially-varying geomagnetic disturbance (GMD) surface electric field inputs. This format allows development of detailed solar storm scenarios based on historic events or 3D earth conductivity models.

  • Sample (B3D binary format) based on June 22, 2015 event [1], over footprint of the U.S. State of Tennessee.
  • Slides describe how to work with the file. (The TN150 sample case and one-line diagram are available here.)
  • The following videos visualize the event on a synthetic power grid (contains no Critical Energy Infrastructure Information):

Electric Field Contour

Transformer Reactive Power Losses

[1] Geospatial time-varying surface electric fields developed from National Science Foundation, Award Number 1520864; T. J. Overbye, PhD, Texas A&M University, Principal Investigator; J. Gannon, PhD, Computational Physics, Inc., Contributor.

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October 15, 2018