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Creating Diagrams – Insert Palettes

Once you have created your system model and loaded it in to PowerWorld, you can use insert palettes to drag-and-drop buses, substations, areas or zones on to your system diagrams.

  • Select Insert >> Show Insert Palette for >> Buses from the main menu.
  • The dialog shown below opens

Insert Palette

  • To insert a display object, left-click on the object name in the insert palette, then drag the cursor (while holding down the left-mouse button) to the desired location on your diagram.
  • When you release the mouse button, the Bus Options dialog opens.  If you have already specified default drawing values, click OK to insert the object.  Otherwise, specify the desired drawing values on the Bus Options dialog then click OK.
  • The Bus Palette automatically updates to show the newly inserted display object under the Displayed column.  If you left-click in the palette on the name of the bus you just inserted, you will notice that the Undisplayed Neighbors column updates to show all system buses having ties to the displayed bus.

The Insert Palettes can prove extremely useful – whether your system contains seven buses, or 70,000 buses – especially when creating diagrams displaying system buses either in close geographic proximity, or of the same nominal voltage level.

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June 28, 2012