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Applying Updates to Hardware Licenses

To perform the following instructions, you will need a .V2C file provided by PowerWorld. Once you have completed the following instructions, your hardware key will unlock Simulator or Retriever with the updated features.

  1. Locate the machine that hosts the hardware key. Simulator or Retriever must be installed on this machine to complete the process.
  2. Start the Simulator/Retriever License Tool (in the Start menu under PowerWorld -> Simulator/Retriever [version] -> Utilities.
  3. Click I have received an update file from PowerWorld to update my hardware key with new features.
  4. Save the .V2C file attached to the email you received from PowerWorld to a location that is readily accessible by the computer used to update the key.
  5. Click Browse… next to the Vendor to Customer file (.v2c) edit box. Navigate to the file that you just saved from the email you received from PowerWorld. Click Next.

You should receive a confirmation that your key was programmed successfully.

If you receive an error, there are a few common issues:

  • Error 18 indicates the key cannot be found. Ensure that the key you are updating is plugged in locally, and check the key ID in your Sentinel Admin Control Center to ensure the key you have matches the update file (in most cases the update file will be named with the ID of its corresponding key — if that is not the case, send PowerWorld the ID of the key you are trying to update to ensure it matches).
  • Error 54 indicates this update has already been applied to the key. This could mean the update was applied correctly, but if the key is not behaving as expected use the LicenseTool utility to generate a C2V file to send to PowerWorld.
  • Error 55 indicates the update is being applied out of sequence — at least one update has been previously generated for this key that has not yet been applied. In this case, use the LicenseTool utility to generate a C2V “fingerprint” of your key and send it to PowerWorld to work out what updates need to be applied first.

If you are receiving a different error code or are otherwise having difficulty applying the update, please contact PowerWorld for further assistance with any error messages that you receive.

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July 23, 2018