Software Patches

September 6, 2016

Features and Improvements

  • File Formats: When reading the hdbexport CSV file, modified to reading the CP record to look up available values of MvarNom using the pointer to an I__TAPTY_CP table if present in the CP record. If present, then the I__TAB_TAPTY pointer from the I__TAPTY_CP record is used to get the TAB record defining the values of nominal Mvar. Presently the list of available MvarNom values are assigned to best fit into 8 blocks of the switched shunt record. This feature is being used to represent Variable Shunt Reactors in the hdbexport CSV format.
  • Transient Stability: Added ability to see the present interface flow information when viewing the transient stability state information in the user interface.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): When saving an aux file, fixed problem with writing out the name of an interface when saving contingency elements and remedial action elements using an interface with a CHANGEBY or SETTO action. The interface name was blank so the actions could not be created when loading the aux file back in.
    • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Fixed an access violation when using interface contingency actions for CHANGEBY or SETTO and the interface includes other interfaces.
    • Case Information Displays: When some Calculated Fields exist in the case, but the object table being shown does not support using any of the existing Calculated Fields, then Simulator was not showing the Calculated Field folder in this list of available fields. This has been modified so that the folder appears along with the entry saying "Calculated Field(no Calculated Fields defined yet that this object can use)"
    • File Formats: Modified reading of the MatPower format to automatically assign unique circuit IDs to parallel branches given in the file.
    • File Formats: There was an error in loading a RAW file if the 2 line header had blank lines. This was causing the first 1 or 2 initial buses in the model to not be read. This has been fixed.
    • General: Fixed bug when viewing an Advanced Filter visualization that could cause an access violation.