Software Patches

October 28, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Oneline Diagrams: Fixed bugs with AutoInsertBuses and AutoInsertSubstations script commands when only specifying the required parameters. If the "filename" was not specified even though it wasn't needed, an error would result that the filename must be specified. This has been fixed.
  • Transient Stability: Fixed a bug that occurred under the following situation.
    1. Fault was applied on a Branch that was a transformer
    2. Transformer did not have any magnetizing admittance
    3. Fault was applied to the TO end of the transformer (which ever end is defined as the "To" end in the power flow data object)
    4. Transformer was Opened only at the FROM end of the transformer
    If all these situations were met, then the fault admittance would continue to be included at the FROM bus which was not correct. The fault admittance should be applied at the TO end in this situation as that is where the fault was. If there was some magnetizing impedance included then the bug did not occur.