Software Patches

October 25, 2018

Features and Improvements

  • File Formats: When loading an Areva hdbexport file, the Bus.MMINJMW and Bus.MMINJMR are assigned to PowerWorld's bus records as the BShunt and GShunt impedance values. This was conflicting with PowerWorld's expected structure for a three-winding transformer however when there was a BShunt/GShunt assigned to the star bus of a three-winding transformer. All would be fine inside Simulator, however when you then saved to an AUX file, and then tried to read that AUX file back in it could cause trouble. The 3WXFormer records would not permit the creation of three-winding transformers if the star bus was an existing bus which had any devices attached. The BShunt and GShunt were enough of a device for us to not permit this. We have fixed this by now so that we allow you to create the three-winding record but then take the BShunt and GShunt and move that impedance out to the terminals of the three-winding transformer
  • General: Changing installations so that files are associated with 64 bit.
  • GIC: Added new script command GICLoad3DEField. The format of the command is
    GICLoad3DEfield(TYPE, CorseFile, FineFileLoc, FileFileEast, FineFileNorth);
    The type can be either B3D or CSV. When B3D is used, only the coarse file is supported.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Fixed a bug where Injection Group participation points without labels were not properly identified in subdata when Labels were selected as identification
    • Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Tool: At the start of an ATC run that involves using one of the iterated methods, the Seller and Buyer are checked to see if they are valid. This check is also done before using the option to Increase Transfer. During this check when MW limits are enforced and either the Seller or Buyer is at limits assuming that the transfer will be positive from the Seller to the Buyer, the analysis was not allowed to continue. At this point in the process it is not known if the transfer studied with the iterated method should actually be negative from the Seller to the Buyer. Now reserve limits are not checked in this initial validity check for the Seller and Buyer.
    • Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Tool: When using one of the ATC Solution Methods to iterate on the limiters and the full transfer amount cannot be achieved in the step where all limiters are iterated on, a POWERFLOW_DIVERGENCE limiter is created. This limiter was being shown with a Transfer Limit of 0 instead of the transfer amount that could be achieved before the power flow failure. This has been fixed to show the transfer amount that can be achieved.
    • Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Tool: Also when using one of the iterated methods, the Transfer Limit values for limiters that are not iterated on individually should reflect the amount of transfer that can be achieved in the step where all limiters are iterated on. If the full transfer amount could not be achieved in this step (i.e. the POWERFLOW_DIVERGENCE limiter was created), the Transfer Limit values were not being updated to reflect the amount of actual transfer that has been studied. This has been fixed.
    • Contingency Analysis: When opening the Contingency Dialog, the checkboxes for "Include Remedial Actions" and "Allow Screening" were always begin ignored. Thus if you changed them we would not save the changes. Changing the setting in the case information displays worked appropriately and they would remain the way set in case info displays. This has been fixed.
    • Difference Case Tool: When saving an AUX file while in either Change, Base, or Difference mode in the "Difference Case Tool", then saving the SUBDATA sections does not make any sense because the SUBDATA sections do not support the Difference Case tool features. This was confusing however, as Simulator would still write the section. Now, Simulator will not write the SUBDATA sections if when in any mode other than "Present".
    • File Formats: added ability to read the remotely regulated bus from a FACTS DEVICE when reading a RAW file. Will also write this out to a RAW file as well.
    • GIC: Fixed reading AER course grid for GIC.
    • Transient Stability: Fixed a bug related to storing the extreme values associated with a TSLimitViolation. The extreme value should represent the lowest (or highest) value at any point during the simulation after the violation has first passed the LimitValue. A bug existed such that this updating of the extreme value stopped after the trace passed the LimitValue back to the "good side" (and thus recorded the "no longer" point). This has been fixed so that the extreme value continues to be updated as was always intended.
    • Transient Stability: Fixed a bug in which when writing a dyd file netting the lodrep was not written in a new line.
    • Transient Stability: Fixed a bug when writing the gencls playback to a DYD file. When the filename of the playback was blank we write a blank and ge was reading the next parameter as the file thus now a quote "" will be written.
    • User Interface Dialogs: Switched Shunts can have up to 10 blocks of Mvar. The dialog box for showing switched shunts however was only showing the first 8 blocks. This has been fixed.
    • User Interface Dialogs: The switched shunt dialog box only showed the Mvars Per Step out to 1 decimal place. The values will now always show 6 significant digits instead with trailing zeros removed.