Software Patches

October 20, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • File Formats: When saving a Shapefile to a network hard-drive, we now save the file to the local hard drive first and then copy the file to the network drive. This fixes problems that can occur when saving large files to a network drive.
  • File Formats: When loading a PWB that had been creating by "Saving External System" from another case, an access violation could occur when loading interface elements that were not part of the external system. This has been fixed.
  • Oneline Diagrams: When opening the "Unlinked Display Objects" list for a oneline, and then closing the oneline before the Unlinked Display Objects list, an access violation would occur. This has been fixed by closing the Unlinked Display Objects table immediately as it should be tied to the Oneline.
  • Power Flow Solution: Made modifications to how a system state is stored with regard to how angle smoothing occurs after restoring the system state. This avoids some rare situations where angle smoothing occurs in a manner that causes a bad power flow solution.