Software Patches

November 4, 2016

Features and Improvements

  • File Formats: When reading hdbexport CSV file, the files can generally be written in 2 ways

    1. Filtered File: Using a pattern file yields a CSV file with a header section at the top listing all the fields being written for each particular record. Later in the file, those records are written using a simple comma-delimited list of strings where the order of the fields is determined by what was read from the header section
    2. Unfiltered File: Without a pattern file there is not header section and each record uses a syntax of "FIELDNAME=Value"

    It is possible for a user to create an hdbexport CSV file which had some records written using a pattern file and other record written without the pattern file. This is likely not done on purpose and results in a mix of records with some using the simple comma-delimited list of strings with the order determined by the header and other records written using the syntax "FIELDNAME=Value" throughout. Previously Simulator would fail to read a file that was a mix of these record syntax. This patch now handles this situation and will read record types that were not included in the header section as though they are part of an unfiltered file. A warning message is written to the log in red text however indicating this is occurring.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Case Information Displays: Fixed a bug that occurred when using Transient Models to trip during Power Flow Contingency analysis.
    • Case Information Displays: Some fields (Group Order, Subgroup Order, Group Status, and Time Delay) associated with What Actually Occurred data were not being stored when using distributed computing with contingency analysis. This has been fixed.
    • File Formats: When reading an hdbexport CSV file, Simulator must take the PS record field ADEG_PS and assign the negative of this value to the Phase angle of PowerWorld's BRANCH object. Simulator has always done this correctly. However, this also means that any impedance correction table read from the hdbexport CSV file must have the Phase Angle values with the opposite sign as well. Simulator was not properly flipping the signs of the angle in the impedance correction table. This has been fixed.