Software Patches

November 30, 2015

Features and Improvements

  • Case Information Displays: Modified the way left-clicking on column headings works for both sorting and reordering columns. Previously to reorder columns by dragging column headings you were required to hold down the Ctrl key before clicking with the left mouse button. Previously for sorting, columns were sorted immediately on the left mouse-DOWN. This worked just fine, but many users were not aware of the need to hold down the Ctrl key to reorder columns so this feature was largely unknown. It has now been changed as follows.

    1. Left-click and dragging the mouse button will always reorder columns regardless of whether the Ctrl, Shift, or Alt keys
    2. Sorting will now occur on the Mouse-UP instead of immediately upon Mouse-DOWN.
    (This is done so that Simulator can first figure out if column headings are being dragged or not)
    2a. If you did NOT drag and move any columns, then on Mouse-UP we will perform the sorting of the column
    2b. If you did drag and move some columns, then on Mouse-UP and will complete the reorder of columns
  • Bug Fixes

    • File Formats: Modified reading of the MON file to properly handle reading MONITOR BRANCH lines which have a comment at the end of the line of text. Previously this was causing the lines to not be read in.
    • File Formats: fixed error with writing out multi-terminal DC Converter records to the EPC version 19 format. It was writing an extra double quotation mark which was causing an error in the file format.
    • Transient Stability: added support to the Distribution Equivalent for using the Rcomp and Xcomp line drop compensation values. Previously these were ignored.