Software Patches

November 19, 2015

Features and Improvements

  • General: New IsTrue function added with expressions. Will return 1 if the string entered is: T, TRUE, CONNECTED, CLOSED, YES, Y, or 1. Otherwise return 0.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Contingency Analysis: Fixed a bug that would not properly return the value of the Amount to use in a contingency action if the amount is determined by a Field of the object. These actions would always be skipped even if their model critieria was met because the Amount was considered invalid.
    • General: Fixed behavior where if a model expression evaluation results in an error (due to bad conversion, syntax error, etc.) that it doesn't throw an exception but instead shows the error in a new Error field. If an unknow exception occurs, then it throws the exception.
    • General: Fixed a bug directly accessing PartPoint objecttypes of type BUS through actions like SetData.
    • OPF Reserves Tool: Fixed access violations that could occur while solving the primal LP when using OPF Reserves.
    • Transient Stability: Updates to Measurement Object for storing to auxiliary file.