Software Patches

November 18, 2021

Features and Improvements

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): New script command CTGComboSolveAll(DoDistributed, ClearAllResults). This will run the contingency combination analysis for all primary and secondary contingencies that are set to not be skipped. DoDistributed is optional parameter that is NO by default. Set DoDistributed to YES to use distributed computing for the combination analysis. ClearAllResults is optional parameter that is YES by default. If YES all existing results will be cleared even if a primary contingency is marked to be skipped. If NO only those primary contingencies that are marked to not be skipped will have their results cleared.
  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): New script command CTGComboDeleteAllResults that will delete all results that are associated with combination analysis including violations, what occurred, combination summary results, and injection sensitivities.
  • Case Information Displays: added column to the Export Object Fields to show whether a particular field is Enterable in PowerWorld. The field with either be
    Yes : means the field can be edited
    AUX/Paste: means the field can be edited via an AUX file or via copy/paste features on a case information display
    Blank : means the field can not be edited
    Yes/Always: This means a field that can even be edited when other fields can not be (such as when in Difference Mode). An example is the Selected Field or the Area and Zone Shown field for filtering
  • Case Information Displays: On the Display/Column options dialog for a case information display, modified to allow you to show whether the field is enterable or not by using the font color of the field.
  • Contingency Analysis Tool: Distributed computing can now be used with Contingency Combination Analysis. Each distributed process will analyze 1 primary contingency and as many secondary/regular contingencies as specified by the Number of Contingencies to Process.
  • Simulator Automation Server (SimAuto): In the SimAuto command GetFieldList(), added an additional entry in the output for each field which shows information about whether the field is "Enterable". The value will be blank if the field is not enterable, otherwise an appropriate string will appear indicating when it is enterable.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Case Information Displays: When show the Area Tielines and adding fields to show the Zone information for the tieline, if the table contained a lot of Load tielines it could be very slow. This was because PowerWorld was returning a list of "ALL zones that belong to the Area of the load" or the "Area of the bus". This could be a long list and would be repeatedly calculated. This has been changed so that instead we return the "Zone of the Load" and the "Zone of the Bus" instead as this is more in keeping with what is done for AC branches which return the "Zone of the Near Bus" and the "Zone of the Far Bus"
    • Contingency Analysis: The contingency solution option to "Dynamically add/remove slack buses as topology is changed (Allow Multiple Islands)" CANNOT be set to allow multiple islands if it has previously been set to not allow multiple islands. This will be enforced when the contingency specific solution options are applied.
    • Contingency Analysis: Abort button on the contingency combination analysis dialog should function correctly now.