Software Patches

March 22, 2023

Features and Improvements

  • Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Tool: On the ATC dialog the case information displays that list the object changes for multiple scenarios cannot be modified to show different fields. This makes it difficult to save the individual scenario object types with the correct fields directly from their case information displays. The "Save As Auxiliary FIle (x Scenarios)" option found on the local menu for each object type will now save all objects for a scenario type along with the appropriate fields for updating and creating these objects. They are saved in the same manner as they are saved when using the Save Settings button on the ATC dialog to save all ATC settings. A prompt prior to saving the file will allow user input for which key field type to use. If Labels are being used and not all objects have labels, the resulting aux file will be split into objects using labels and objects using primary keys when labels aren't defined.
  • Case Information Displays: Added 4 more new generator fields the folder for "Mvar Output\Capability Curve Range\"
    CapCurveMvarMinAtMWMin, CapCurveMvarMinAtMWMax, CapCurveMvarMaxAtMWMin, CapCurveMvarMaxAtMWMax
  • Case Information Displays: Some additional generator fields for showing the retirements and inservice dates, and the EIA860 identifiers.
  • Scheduled Actions: Added ability to create unmapped Scheduled Actions reading in PW Outage CSV files
  • Scheduled Actions: Added a read-only Log field to Scheduled Action objects to display any issues that arise when the action is applied.
  • User Interface Dialogs: Modified the default "Dark Blue" Color Scheme to modify the color of the caption for the active form to a dark color to match the Ribbon. This make it so when a form is maximized you can better see the Minimize/Maximize/Restore/Close icons in the upper right of the form. These buttons get integrated into the Ribbon when the form is maximized so the color schemes need to match the ribbon.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Transient Stability: Patch: Bug fix. REPC_B model is now written out as PLNTBU1, REAX3U1, and REAX4U1 models in the PSSE DYR file format.