Software Patches

March 21, 2024

Features and Improvements

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Added a new script command TSJoinActiveCTGs(TimeDelay,DeleteExisting,JoinWithSelf,FileName,FirstCtg);
    The parameters are as follows
    TimeDelay : Time in seconds
    DeleteExisting: YES or NO and determines if the existing TSContingency objects are deleted
    JoinWithSelf: Set to YES and the existing list will be joined with itself
    FileName: Optional parameter which needs to be specified if JoinWithSelf = NO. Specifies an AUX file that contains a list of TSContingency and TSContingencyElement objects which define a second list of TSContingency
    FirstCtg: Optional parameter which is assumed as Both if not specified.

    If FirstCTG=Active, then each existing active TSContingency object
    is joined with the Contingencies in the AUX file specified by Filename.
    All TSContingencyElement objects in the AUX file are shifted by the TimeDelay value.

    If FirstCTG=AUX, then the TSContingency objects in the AUX file have the same timing
    and they are joined with the existing Active TSContingency objects with the existing elements
    time shifted by the time delay.

    If FirstCTG=Both, then you get both options of list (A + BTimeDelay) and (B + ATimeDelay).
  • File Formats: Made some additional changes to writing out RAW version 34 and later with full topology substation information.
  • Transient Stability: Added new right-click option on the TSContingency Case Information Display to "Join Active Contingencies". This allows you to join two lists of TSContingency objects with a specified time delay in seconds. The options on the dialog that appears when choose this are the same as those for the new Script command TSJoinActiveCTGs(TimeDelay,DeleteExisting,JoinWithSelf,FileName,FirstCtg);
  • Transient Stability: Added ability to read/write the HYG3 governor model from the DYR format.