Software Patches

June 10, 2024

Features and Improvements

  • File Formats: Added new bus field RAWNodeBusNum. When reading a RAW file containing nodes defined in Substation data sections, this is the bus number as defined in the Bus data section associated with the node. For files with no node data defined, this is the same as the bus number. This is informational only.
  • File Formats: When reading RAW files version 34 or greater, update switched shunt continuous voltage control limits after substation data has been read. The node and switching data with substations might impact the switched shunt voltage control groups, but even if they don't the bus numbers will most likely have changed due to the node data. The bus numbers in the log should match the numbers in the case.
  • File Formats: Improved writing out RAW files containing full topology information for substations when some of the RAW file bus groupings have a mix of connected and disconnected PSS/E nodes.
  • File Formats: When writing a RAW file that includes substation data with nodes, write out node voltages if necessary. This will be done for buses that were created by traversing open switching devices. Node voltages are only written to RAW 35 and later.
  • Time Step Simulation: For Power Flow Weather wind models there is now a field to scale the used wind speed; this accounts for variation between the wind farm location and the measurement location.
  • Bug Fixes

    • File Formats: There was a bug introduced with the 6/4/24 patch that would cause a Version 23 PWB files not to load. It was possible that Simulator would just hang with no error produced. This has been fixed. This did not impact loading older PWB files. Also the PWB files did not have a problem and were proper files. After downloading this patch you will be able to load those files.