Software Patches

July 23, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): An access violation could result when loading an auxiliary file with a transient contingency element that had no action defined. This has been fixed.
  • File Formats: When loading an OTGD file with linefault entries and these lines could not be found in the case, it was possible that incorrect spurious transient contingency elements could be added to a transient contingency. This has been fixed.
  • File Formats: Fixed error reading the Impedance Correction Tables from a RAW version 34 file.
  • PV and QV Curve (PVQV) Tool: In rare situations it is possible for the PV curve tool to solve to an invalid solution and yet continue reporting as solved. This has been fixed.
  • PV and QV Curve (PVQV) Tool: When specifying the State Archiving and Plot Storage Directory Location option with PV Curve Options, the correct directory would not always be used if the final backslash, \, on the directory was not specified. This should NOT have to be specified and should be handled correctly by Simulator if it is missing. This has been fixed.
  • Transient Stability: Transient Stability Event Description String was not showing the type of the relay model that was causing load shedding. This affected load shedding events (triggered by load relays like LSDT 2, LSDT9, etc).