Software Patches

July 14, 2022

Features and Improvements

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Modified CalculateLossSense script command to include the new loss references options.
    // CalculateLossSense (FunctionType,AreaSALossReference,IslandLossReference);
    // AREASA
  • Case Information Displays: Added "powerfactor" as a generator field
  • Contingency Analysis Tool: When using the auto-insert contingencies to insert by "bus groupings", we will now name the new contingencies created by the buses that remained connected but are on the edge of the grouping of buses being isolated. Previously we named the contigency after the buses that were on the edge but inside the group being isolated.
  • Sensitivity Calculations: Added New References Options to Loss Sensitivity Dialog. Each Electrical Island will have the option to use Island Loads or Injection Groups as references. Areas and Super Areas will have the option to use the Area or Super Area Loss Reference.
  • User Interface Dialogs: Modified the edit boxes showing the Branch MVA limits on the Branch dialogs to only show at most 7 significant digits for the MVA limits.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Tool: Prior to running any ATC related functionality any islands created because of the option to "dynamically add/remove slack buses as topology is changed" will become permanent islands. This is to prevent the islands from being removed if a full contingency solution is done and the "dynamically add/remove..." option is not used. It is assumed that the topology that exists prior to any ATC analysis is the desired topology.
    • Transient Stability: Modified the WTGAR_A and WTARA1 models so that they can initialize to an initial pitch that is negative. This is an unusual configuration for models but should be allowed.