Software Patches

July 11, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Sensitivity Calculations: Interface PTDFs are now modified due to the outage of a load that is defined as an interface element and the load is participating in the source or sink of the PTDF calculation.
  • Sensitivity Calculations: Shift factor calculations for interfaces have been modified to include the impact of a generator or load outages that are defined as interface elements.
  • Sensitivity Calculations: Shift factor, PTDF, and ATC tools now have an option called "Assumed Location of Injection for Bus" that will modify the sensitivity results to include the impact of generator or load outages if using a Bus as an injection point. The injection location can be defined as Bus, Gen, Load, or GenLoad. Choosing an option other than Bus will assume that the injection occurs at a gen or load at the bus, and if such a device is outaged due to a contingency action or action within an interface, the sensitivity will be updated accordingly.