Software Patches

January 28, 2022

Features and Improvements

  • Contingency Analysis Tool: PowerWorld reads ContingencyElement from AUX files if the Object referred to by the ContingencyElement is not found, then a special "Unlinked" ContingencyElement is created and can be viewed in the user interface. For users not familiar with this feature however a warning message in the log is a helpful reminder to go look for these unlinked elements. These log messages have been added.
  • Contingency Analysis Tool: Added log message when a ContingencyElement becomes unlinked because the object to which it was referencing was deleted.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Distributed Computation: When using Distributed Computing tools, PowerWorld does verification to ensure the machines listed are configured to support distributed computer. When that verification resulted in a computer that was not available, the error messaging was confusing. This has been improved.
    • GIC: Fixed saving GIC data to PSSE format so that it correctly uses Area/Zone filters when saving, if the option is selected. Also changed the option to say it uses the filters when saving GIC data to PSSE format only. We do not apply area/zone filters when reading data from PSSE GIC file.