Software Patches

January 19, 2022

Features and Improvements

  • Case Information Displays: Added a new field for a Bus object called "IsLikelyStarBus" which is in the "Dummy Bus" folder when looking at bus fields. This field will return YES if the bus is the internal bus of a 3-winding transformer, but will also return true if the bus appears to be such a bus even though the three-winding transformer is not defined for the case.
  • GIC: Added fields on a Gen object to show Generator Step-Up Transformer Topology fields. These show information about the existance and status of explicitly modeled generator step-up transformers. The purpose of these fields is to make it easier to identify generators which are OPEN but also have a step-up transformer that is CLOSED. For power flow solutions this doesn't matter because the step-up transformer does not have any flow on it, however when doing GIC studies this configuration will give unrealistic GIC flows because the step-up transformers are often grounded on the high voltage side and thus provide a path to ground for GIC currents.
  • Time Step Simulation: In the Time Step Simulation there is now an option to change (shift) all the time points. This is an enhancement to the previous functionality that only allowed changing the time at a single timepoint. The old and new functionality is still available in the Time Step right-click menu by selecting Time Point Records, Change Timepoint Time.
  • Transient Stability: Added the option to Auto Insert Loads (only opening loads) Transient Contingencies in the Transient Stability tool.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Fixed bug with reading CalculatedField "Calc Field Extra" field from auxiliary files. This field wasn't being recognized so it wasn't updating.
    • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Modified the error message that appears when loading an aux file and an object cannot be found. Some objects have more than three key fields and the additional key fields were not being included in the error message. This has been fixed.
    • File Formats: When writing a PTI RAW version 35 file, modified switched shunt regbus number to be written as the termbus number if regbus=termbus instead of writing a 0 as was done in the past
    • File Formats: Fixed a bug where the RAW 35 new field "block status" for each shunt block were not being written.
    • File Formats: When reading an EPC file, the ID field for Breaker data will be used as the circuit ID for the breaker if the length of this field is 1 or 2. If the ID field is blank or greater than two characters, the circuit ID will be dynamically assigned. The ID field will always populate the EMS ID field in Simulator. When writing an EPC file, the ID field for Breaker data will be written using the EMS ID field if this is not blank. If this is blank the circuit ID field will populate the ID field in the EPC.
    • File Formats: When writing an EPC file, the brktype field will be written based on the Branch Device Type specified in Simulator. When writing a Disconnect the EMS CBTyp field in Simulator will be used if it is not blank. The brktype field in an EPC file has more options for different types of disconnects that are only identfied as Disconnects within Simulator and the EMS CBTyp field might contain a more specific type.
    • Oneline Diagrams: Fixed the translation of DisplayLoadField fields when viewing in a case information display.
    • Transient Stability: Modified the ability to see all the states of the VHVDC1 VSC DC Line model.
    • User Interface Dialogs: While in edit mode and editing a switched shunt through the information dialog, the control mode would be set to Fixed if no blocks or continuous element were defined. This caused confusion and is unnecessary because the shunt won't move if there is nothing to move. This has been fixed and the shunt will retain whatever control mode the user has specified.