Software Patches

January 18, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Many ObjectTypes in AUX files have fields that are a string representing a reference to another object. Those strings have the format of "ObjectType KeyField1 KeyField2 etc.". For example, a branch may be represented by the following string: "BRANCH 12345 98765 '12'" . This string is the word BRANCH followed by a SPACE, then integer bus number, followed by a SPACE, and so on. The syntax calls for using a SPACE character as the delimiter between key fields. Users however sometimes edit AUX files in a text editor and may use a TAB character instead of a SPACE. PowerWorld's AUX file parser will now handle a TAB character in those locations and treat them just like a SPACE character.
  • File Formats: Fixed two bugs related to the same thing. EPC format only allows a max of 20 points in a reactive capability curve in the QTable. We were writing out more than 20 for curves that had more than 20 points in Simulator. When reading in an EPC, we were limiting the array to 20 points, but were not checking to see if we read more than 20 when trying to assign to the array, so we were getting an access violation. Both have been fixed. When writing we now limit the points written to the EPC to 20 curve points. When reading, we now can read as many points as are given, even if there are more than 20 (which in theory now shouldn't happen.)