Software Patches

January 17, 2018

Features and Improvements

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Added three additional optional parameters to the end of SendToExcel
    ClearExisting: Optional with default = YES. Set to NO to indicate that the existing worksheet should not be cleared before pasting in the information being sent
    RowShift: Optional with default = 0. Set to a positive integer to indicate a shift downwards by a number of rows
    ColShift: Optional with default = 0. Set to a positive integer to indicate a shift rightward by a number of columns
  • Difference Case Tool: Modified the Present Topological Differences from Base Case tool so that when choose to Save the differences of the Complete Model to an AUX file, the user may now define an AUX Export Format Description object indicating which objects and field lists to use for the export. This appears on the confirmation dialog for exporting the AUX file with the differences.
  • File Formats: Added message to the log when reading hdbexport files and the option to translate the DC system into multi-terminal DC systems is set to Always or Prompt and no DCLN records exist in the file. DC lines cannot be created if DCLN records do not exist.
  • Help: Moved the "Auxiliary File Format PDF" and the "Contingency and RAS Definition PDF" to be contained inside of PowerWorld's public help website.
  • PV and QV Curve (PVQV) Tool: Choosing to archive system states to file will now work when using the Reverse Transfer option with the PV tool and a scenario requires a reverse transfer in order to solve. The states that are stored behave a little differently than when doing the normal forward transfer. Keep in mind that only the contingencies that failed during the 0 transfer will be studied using a reverse transfer.
    (1) When choosing to "save only the base case for each critical contingency" the base case state will be saved at any reverse transfer level at which a contingency solved. This is different than how the states are saved during the forward transfer because then the base case state will only be saved at the critical transfer level, i.e. the highest transfer level at which a contingency will solve.
    (2) When choosing to "save all states" both the base case state and the contingency state will be saved at any reverse transfer level at which a contingency solved. This is the same as how the states are saved during the forward transfer.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Contingency Analysis: Fixed error that could occur when reading in a ViolationCTG object which did not have the fields for Limit or Value specified (normally you wouldn't do this, but it should cause an error anyway).
    • Contingency Analysis: Fixed a related error when saving ViolationCTG objects to an AUX filed for island related violations. They were not properly storing the 4 extra fields associated with islands showing the amount of generator MW, load MW, Bus count, and Superbus count.
    • File Formats: Fixed several issues with multi-terminal dc line names when reading from EPC files and writing to RAW files.
      (1) When loading from EPC files we had not been stripping the double quotes around the names of dc line objects and data maintainers. This has been fixed.
      (2) Because we had not been stripping the quotes when loading EPC files, multi-terminal dc lines could end up with names of " " saved in the PWB file. When loading from a PWB file these quotes will now be stripped so that the name of the multi-terminal dc line will be blank.
      (3) When saving to RAW files, writing the name of a multi-terminal dc line as '" "' was causing bugs when trying to load that RAW file back into Simulator. The corrections listed above should prevent the names from ever being set as " ". When writing to a RAW file if the multi-terminal dc line name is blank the number of the MTDC will be written instead.
    • File Formats: Fixed a List Out of Bounds error that could occur when appending an EPC file to an existing case. The problem was encountered when setting the owners for the dummy buses in multi-section lines.
    • GIC: Fixed a bug with "No Resistivity Scaling" in GIC Dialog. Now when this option is selected, the backend knows to use scaling of 1 by default, even if the Substation has GeographicRegion or GeographicRegionScalar or GeographicRegionScalarCustom.
    • Simulator Automation Server (SimAuto): Modified SimAuto so that it will never use the AutoSave PWB file option. This doesn't make sense in the context of SimAuto.
    • Simulator Automation Server (SimAuto): When using the SaveCase() script command or when calling the SimAuto command SaveCase, if you were trying to write a file to a directory that Windows was not configured to you write access to, then Simulator would show an error dialog. In these situations we do not want an error dialog to appear, but instead the error is handled and passed back to SimAuto for the user to interpret as appropriate.